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Music has always been a large part of my life, it's spirituality and power has had a serious infuence in it. Having dabbled at many types of photography, the musical experience is what I eventually chose to capture with my gift. I live a life of Musical Art, with the goal of creating something pleasing to the eye as well as furthering the message of music as a poweful force. Music and Art in general makes the good times more fun and the difficult times easier. My artwork includes musicians from many genres including Rock, Jazz, Blues, Jambands, Country and Bluegrass, Folk, Rap and Metal . My goals when shooting a subject are to try and capture the musician's essence, their trademark, in an artistic manner. I also endeavor to catch "THE" moment of a particular show, if that is possible, succeeding sometimes and failing others. My style is close and personal with detail being at a premium.

The development of film and printing of images are done myself. These images are available in Black and White, Fiber Base or Resin Coated, Metalic Color, Panalure and Cibachrome (Limited, call first before ordering). Your photos will be professionally printed using Kodak (metalic color, panalure) and Ilford (B&W,Cibachrome) paper. Cibachrome images are taken from positive transparencies and printed on 200 year archival plastic material. They have rich vibrant colors and excellent detail. Black and White Fiber Base prints are archival 75-100 years. Sizes include 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20. All works are available framed in black, ribbed Nielson Frames with acid-free white gallery style mattes, protected by glass. All framed works will be signed and titled by the artist. Specialty frames available upon request. All 16x20 pieces to be shipped will have Plexiglass in place of glass.

I am currently "Artist In Residence" at the prestigious(5th highest SAT average in the nation) Indian Springs School, in Pelham, Alabama, where I teach Photographic Art. I would like to thank the Andy Warhol Foundation for the grant which enabled me to create my website,, which I urge you to use as a reference database for any images needed for publication. I will scan any images needed at the resolution and size requested. Presently the website hosts about 5000 quality images.


Gallery Exhibits

"We Shot Rock and Roll" Folk Art Gallery

Frenchy Gallery, French Quarter, New Orleans

Magnolia Music Festival, Live Oak Florida

Lamar's Gallery, Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham Southern Art Gallery

Friend's Gallery, Hoover Alabama

SUNY Gallery, Purdy's N.Y.

Ferguson Gallery, Tuscaloosa Alabama

11th Avenue Gallery, Birmingham Alabama

Psychedelic Shop, San Francisco California

Highland's Cafe Gallery, Birmingham Alabama

Indian Springs School Gallery, Birmingham Alabama(Annually)

University Of Alabama, Birmingham


Georgia Music Hall Of Fame

Relix Magazine

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Athens Daily News

Ralph Stanley, "Man Of Constant Sorrow"

Parade Magazine

The Rex Foundation

Hittin' The Note

Dupree's Diamond News

Mojo Magazine

Sing Out!

Mental Floss Magazine

Plush Entertainment


American String Teachers Association

Alabama Alive!

AL.comAlabama Alive!AL.comL. 

Black and White Magazine


NBC News

Fox Channel 6 News

Absolutely Alabama

Channel 42 News

Court Television

The Jerry Garcia Estate

Endorphin Internet Magazine

Birmingham Weekly

Creative Loafing

Asheville Courier

Rick Karle, Channel 13 News, Birmingham, Alabama

SITTINGS/CD Covers - Established musicians in addition to up and coming artists both can benefit from our experience and ideas to create your publicity photos and/or CD covers. I have contributed to several CD covers including Taylor Hicks, "Early Works", "Under The Radar", Widespread Panic, 3 albums, "Another Joyous Occasion" "Live At The Classic City, Vol I & II, Guy Davis, 'On Air', The String Cheese Incident, Tony Rice, Peter Rowan, Blueground Undergrass, Earthbound (2), Billy and Bryn Bright, Carlos Platon, The Acoff Family Singers, Jon Es Quane, Sam Poiner, and several others. My capable assistants and I will consult with you, brainstorming to achieve a distinctively appropriate work.

Our fees are negotiable, determined by the extent of the job, travel, etc. I am also available for hire to document your tour in a photographic capacity.

PUBLICATIONS AND REVIEWS - I was a contributor for DUPREE'S DIAMOND NEWS for three years in a photojournalistic capacity. I have also contributed to The Jerry Garcia Estate, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Athens Daily News, The Asheville Courier, Relix magazine, Ralph Stanley's Biography, Hittin' The Note, The Rex Foundation, The Georgia Music Hall Of Fame, Mojo Magazine, Alabama Alive,, Mental Floss, American String Teachers Association, Sing Out, Black and White Magazine and Moontimes as well. I can go on assignment to cover an event for your magazine, submitting images in addition to a written review. Photos of all past performances are available for use in magazines and books.

COLLAGES - Build your own personal collage choosing favorite images from the archives. Collaborate with me and create your own unique piece, using a choice of photos and themes in sizes from 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14. These photos, accompanied by your word choice and iconography will yield a truly valued piece. Compressed scans of images cannot approach quality of originals.

NATURE and LANDSCAPES - Having lived and traveled in states from California to Massachussets, I have amassed thousands of photographs. These include sunsets from Big Sur, Jamaica, and the Gulf of Mexico to name a few. Images of mountain ranges from Colorado, Utah and the Poconos reside in my files. Waterfalls from Jamaica, Alabama, and Pennsylvania have been captured in my cameras. Improve the ambience of your home and office by purchasing one.

I am a photojournalist covering musical events throughout the United States since 1985. I provide photos for magazines and publications, personal enjoyment or use in decorative collages. I also do personal sittings for use in CD covers and promotional packages.

Concert Photo Gallery

Nature/ Landscapes Gallery

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